1.  What is the minimum order quantity?
100pcs and up, depending upon the product.

2.  What is the delivery  time?
Depends upon the product, quantity and design.  The delivery can be as fast as 5 days and up for samples and 10 days up for the full order.

3.  What are your payment terms and what forms of payment do you accept?
All new accounts are subject to a 50% deposit and balance before shipping.  During sample production, we will only require a deposit towards the set up, handling fee (which usually refundable, depending upon product and quantity), and the number of pieces of product needed).
We accept wire transfers, Paypal payments (with a service fee) and company checks drawn on US and most European banks (with a service fee).

4.  What kind of artwork is acceptable?
We accept your artwork in Corel Draw cdr or Adobe Illustrator formats.  When sending vector files please also attach a jpg of your artwork, in case our software versions are different and some aspect of your design doesn't come through properly on our end.

5.  How do I know that you won't use my dies and moulds for other customers?
The dies and moulds that you pay for belong to you.  We also will not use overruns or rejects from your orders for other customers or liquidators. We are willing to sign a NDA to this effect.

6.  Can you sell me licensed products, like Disney, Porsche and BMW?
We do not hold the license for branded products.  We manufacture licensed items for our clients, who hold the licenses, but we cannot sell these branded products to other customers.

7.  I only need a small quantity.  Is this possible?
Depending upon the type of product and the design you need, it is possible for us to work with you for smaller quantities.  We also have flexible ordering programs, where you can give us your annual requirement and we can produce smaller quantities throughout the year, so that you don't have to stock products at your end.

8.  How can I contact you, if I have more questions?
You may contact us by email at info@badgecn.com, or by phone at 86-760-22217009, or our US-based number (206) 734-4886.