Better Year (China) Company is a manufacturer of quality promotional products and badges since 1968. We are one of the first to export promotional items to the world from the Greater China region.

Our company began as a supplier of badges for the European and North American militaries, police, fire and safety, licensed sports teams and events, and other organizations. We are one of the few factories to be authorized by Adidas and Yum! Brands for the production and supply of their promotional and corporate products. We are also SGS-certified. Their approval is a testament to our commitment to providing quality products and excellent services to our customers, with a concern for the environment and for the ethical treatment of our employees.

Products & Services
In the early 1990s, we leveraged our experience in production and sourcing to extend our product offerings to include a wide variety of promotional and advertising specialties. All of the products featured on our website are actual samples from previous production.

Our services include:
  • Custom OEM services from start to finish based on your product specifications
  • Value-added services:
    ° Performing QC services on your designated outsourced factories at yours or our factory site
    ° Customizing or packaging products manufactured at your designated factories
    ° Arranging for the shipment of your orders produced in different factories
  • Consulting services
    ° Finding, screening and connecting you with potential factories in our industry
    ° Assisting you with your sourcing visits to China
    ° Effective cross-cultural business negotiation with suppliers in our industry

Product Testing, Safety & Certification
We can provide product testing and certification, depending upon your needs. We work with all the testing agencies, such as Bureau Veritas, Intertek, and SGS, and can provide CPSIA compliance, CE certification, and other certification documents as needed.

Mission Statement
Our vision is to be the bridge between you and the Chinese promotional products industry, whether it’d be helping you to successfully bring your marketing project to fruition, or to assist you in finding a suitable supplier in China, or to ease your entrance into the sometimes murky waters of the Chinese promotional products industry.

The Best of Both Worlds
Our Production and Sourcing Staff in China have decades of experience in sourcing, qualifying and delivering quality customized promotional items for export throughout the world. Each member of our Sourcing Team specializes in a product group, to ensure thorough knowledge of the product you’re looking for and the ability to obtain it at the least expensive price for you.

Our China-based Export Team undergoes a rigorous training process in customer service and product development. And our company, although based in China – is managed by a bicultural western-Chinese owner – thereby guaranteeing you the best of both worlds – Chinese products and pricing with Western style customer service.